Stargazer issue full-album stream of new album Tui La

Band: Stargazer
Album: Tui La
Release Date: August 18th, 2017
Label: Famined Records

Frontman Matt Copp said of the record’s release:

Tui La is the culmination of the last four years of our lives, our sweat, and our tears. All of us have gone through beautiful and terrible times along the way, and this album is a reflection and a celebration of those experiences. It may not fit the standard model of album writing or what’s current and trendy in the musical scene, but it was never our intention to do so. What we’ve made is something that is purely Stargazer; it’s exactly what we want to hear and feel and is a true representation of our individual and collective selves.”


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  • Tui La track listing:

    1. “Tui”
    2. “Skinwalker”
    3. “The Wobigon”
    4. “Temple Of Solace”
    5. “Satellite”
    6. “Colorfly”
    7. “Kata/ana”
    8. “The Dream Electric”
    9. “La”

    [via Lambgoat]