Canvas release video for new track “Medicate Me”, detail full-length debut Worry

Band: Canvas
Song: “Medicate Me”
Directed by: Zak Pinchin
Album: Worry
Release Date: October 6th, 2017
Label: Basick Records

Vocalist Ricky Clarke says of the album:

Worry is a record that exposes my anxieties about coming of age in the most honest way I could manage.

I feel everybody goes through a similar thought process in their early to mid-twenties. Constantly assessing where you’re heading, comparing yourself to siblings & friends who in your mind, may have better opportunities or more ‘success’ than you. Seeing your friends marry, buy houses, have kids and achieve the ‘normal’ life milestones, can be hard to witness when you’re stuck in a rut. It can feel like the world is against you and no matter how hard you try, you just cant shake the feeling that you’re being left behind.

I guess this record is my way of dealing with those feelings and how I felt at certain times living through it. If anyone picks this album up and it helps them realise it’s okay and normal to feel this way then our job is done. I think sometimes its important to know that other people are feeling the same way as you. It’s okay to feel lost.

Worry is an album for every single person who feels inadequate, an outsider or alone.”


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  • Worry track listing:

    1. “Stay A While”
    2. “Low”
    3. “Medicate Me”
    4. “Loveless”
    5. “The Death Of Us”
    6. “Hospital Beds”
    7. “C.O.L.D.”
    8. “Haunt You”
    9. “Awake”
    10. “All Alone”