Snares Of Sixes – “Retroperistalsis” song stream

Snares Of Sixes are streaming a new song off their upcoming debut EP Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass titled “Retroperistalsis”. Listen to the track exclusively over at Invisible Oranges. Here’s what frontman Jason Walton had to say about the song:

‘Retroperistalsis’ is the closer to Yeast Mother, and it encapsulates all the elements of this record in one song. This is by far the most difficult song I have ever written. It went through multiple revisions, multiple edits, it was definitely a puzzle to map out and complete. Now, it stands as the final gasp on this album, and is one of my proudest moments as a songwriter.”

The effort is scheduled to hit shelves on May 5th through Crucial Blast. Pre-orders can be picked up here.