Official press release:

Hailing from Finland, Heart Tide is streaming a new song “A Rocking Chair” accompanied with a video. The song is outfit’s fourth release in the same number of months.

“A Rocking Chair” is musically a journey to a whole new place for Heart Tide as the song is based only on straightforward piano chords and emotionally delivered vocals. The focus from previously released songs has shifted from powerful guitars and drums to creating a picture with delicate simplicity and melodies that scream out “singalongabillity”.

Frontman Samu Hietainen opens up:

“I hesitated to put this one out because I didn’t write it for Heart Tide really. I always imagined sending the song to other artists to see if they would cut it. What happened though was that I became really invested in to the lyrics. I just couldn’t let anyone else sing them. They were too personal.”

Stream the song below:

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