Band: Sadistic Ritual
Song: “Murmur”
Album: The Enigma, Boundless
Release Date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records

Drummer Joe Sweat offered:

‘Murmur’ is dedicated to a psychedelic experience from my youth. During this trip (which was the combination of LSD and mushroom tea), I lost the ability to differentiate reality from ‘fantasy’. What felt like an old memory had turned into a dark journey inwards. Somewhere between waking life and sleep I was given visions of nuclear war, death squads, and this nameless/formless malice. Whatever it was felt as if it were showing me the dominance it had over this world. Taunting my soul and seeking me out. It’s surveillance was limitless.

It’s dominion fed by the dark ritual of war and humanity as the fodder, the sacrificial lamb so to speak. The song is testament to the grim nature of our reality and occult forces that hold power.”


The Enigma, Boundless track listing:

  1. “End of All Roads”
  2. “And You”
  3. “Dire Avidity”
  4. “Murmur”
  5. “Maelstrom of Consciousness”
  6. “Area Denial”
  7. “The Blood of Memory”
  8. “Raving Voyeurism”
  9. “Enigma, Boundless”

Sadistic Ritual is:

Charlie Southern – Guitar/Vocals
Alex Parra – Guitar
LaMar George – Bass
Joe Sweat – Drums

[via Invisible Oranges]