Band: Cage Fight
Song: “Respect Ends”
Album: Cage Fight
Release Date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Candlelight Records

Vocalist Rachel Aspe comments:

“This song is dedicated to men (or in fact anyone) who thinks it’s ok to harass, abuse, make inappropriate comments, or not take no for an answer, both in the real world but also online. It’s also a message of solidarity to those who have been victims of such behavior. The video is symbolic of the frustration and damage this can cause, and it’s something we, as a society, should not and will not accept. The final message is clear. If this is how you behave, stay the fuck away. Otherwise, you will regret it.”


Cage Fight track listing:

  1. “Intro” feat. Jeremy Sylvester
  2. “The Mirror Shattered”
  3. “Killer”
  4. “Hope Castrated”
  5. “Make A Decision”
  6. “Guillotine”
  7. “Cage Fight!”
  8. “Shine Don’t Fade”
  9. “One Minute”
  10. “Tell Me What Real Is”
  11. “Respect Ends”
  12. “Eating Me Alive” feat. Trevor Strnad
  13. “My Dreams”
  14. “Bitch In The Pit” (Body Count cover)

Cage Fight is:

Rachel Aspe — Vocals
James Monteith — Guitar
Jon Reid — Bass
Nick Plews — Drums

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