Ramming Speed are streaming the debut single off their upcoming full-length No Epitaphs titled “Choke Holds & Bullet Holes”. The album was recorded with Converge’s Kurt Ballou at his GodCity Studios in Massachusetts and will be hitting stores on September 4th through Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders can be found at the label webstore, located here.

No Epitaphs track listing:

1. “No Forgiveness In Death”
2. “Choke Holds & Bullet Holes”
3. “Beasts Of Labor”
4. “Don’t Let This Stay Here”
5. “This Is The Life We Chose”
6. “Walls”
7. “Break In The Chain”
8. “Truth To Power”
9. “Super Duty”
10. “Horns Of War”
11. “Momentary Masters”

Ramming Speed 2

[via Slame-Zine]

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