Band: Rain City Drive
Album: Rain City Drive
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: Thriller Records

The band said of the upcoming release:

“We’re so excited to share our new album with you! Rain City Drive is about the death of something that you thought would last forever. We wanted to spread our wings a bit and pull from different influences while still picking up where To Better Days left off. We hope you enjoy the new songs and that they find a home in your lives.”


Rain City Drive track listing:

  1. “Waiting On You”
  2. “Gardens Of Misery”
  3. “Dreams”
  4. “Dying For”
  5. “Nothing Left”
  6. “Psycho”
  7. “Cutting It Close”
  8. “Blood Runs Cold”
  9. “Eternity”
  10. “Ophelia”
  11. “If I Was Right”