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The Dangerous Summer have announced details surrounding their new, upcoming album Coming Home out August 26 via Rude Records. Today, the band also shares the new song and music video for “Someday”, which can be seen here:

Vocalist and bassist AJ Perdomo says:

‘Someday’ was a song that came extremely organically to us; Matt started playing this riff, and our drummer Christian started jamming to it. We recorded him jamming to it, and literally the first thing he sat down to play became the final take. Even in the middle he paused to think, and started ripping into it again. We kept it all, it was beautiful and real, a true moment. I immediately wrote the lyrics and it became a song about the love that you neglect. The video came later, and the metaphor for the woman in our lives that we constantly neglect became way too real. It was amazing to be able to create this feeling from front to back, and watch how it has bloomed.”

The band previously released the song and music video for “All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself”, which can also be found on the new album.

The Dangerous Summer signed their first record deal as high school seniors and quickly established themselves among the alt-rock world’s elite. Passionate delivery, confessional authenticity, and deeply resonant musical storytelling define their sound. The band writes hooks that serve as soundtracks for important life moments for a diverse group of listeners spread across the globe.

Coming Home ushers in a new era for The Dangerous Summer. They’ve shaken the snow globe a bit, adding longtime touring guitarist Withenshaw (ex-Every Avenue) as an official member alongside Zawacki, as well. They recorded with Will Beasley (Turnstile, Asking Alexandria, Emarosa), a protégé of producer Paul Leavitt (All Time Low, Yellowcard, The Used), who worked on a large swath of the band’s catalog. Perdomo explains:

“We named the album Coming Home because it’s about coming back to ourselves. A full rock band vibe centered around driving guitars and emotionally heart-wrenching lyrics. It felt like a full-circle moment. It was the first time the four of us got in a room, lived in the studio for almost two months, and dug deep with sleepless nights and everything to get it done.”

The Dangerous Summer never sacrificed their unique, diverse sonic identity, one that appeals to fans of everything from Kings of Leon and Coldplay to Jimmy Eat World and Bright Eyes. Coming Home is a triumphant summary of what the band is all about – past, present, and future.

Coming Home track listing:

  1. “Coming Home”
  2. “All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself”
  3. “Sideways”
  4. “Dimensional Love”
  5. “Big Green Eyes”
  6. “Gold Star”
  7. “Meet Me In The Morning”
  8. “Polarity”
  9. “Wide Open”
  10. “Someday”
  11. “Goodbye”
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