Listen to Interstitia’s Hermes Slips The Trap

Band: Interstitia
Album: Hermes Slips The Trap
Release Date: July 16th, 2021
Label: Pax Aeternum

Bandleader Graham Scala, offers on the album:

“This album represents a reimagining of how I create solo material. Unlike previous Interstitia releases on which I was pretty obsessive and meticulous with chord structures and rhythmic elements, this one relied more on granular synthesis processing and aleatoric destabilization. I wanted to make something less clean-sounding and more frayed around the edges, something with a lack of restraint more befitting the album’s conceptual elements that examine the ways that a decentralized, egalitarian ecstasy lies at the secret heart of humanity’s history. Borrowing transcendence from the gods has always been a messy process and messy processes require messy soundtracks.”


[via CVLT Nation]