DDENT share video for “VOLEMOI”

Director: Elie Bianco & Louis Lambert
Album: Couvre-sang
Release Date: July 3rd, 2020
Label: Chien Noir

Composer/multi-instrumentalist Louis Lambert, spoke of the song:

“The track is a remix of ‘VOLEMIE’, taken from the album Couvre-sang. Initially, I wanted to record an unreleased bonus track for the LP’s D side, then while trying things out, I noticed that by playing some of ‘VOLEMIE’s’ bits backward, it was giving off very ghostly sounds, like voices. So I tried to recreate and amplify this ethereal atmosphere. I started from some ‘VOLEMIE’ parts read backward on which I composed new themes and played new instruments, but this time forward. I also recorded several voice layers, like some kind of ghost choir. Once everything was recorded and assembled, I slowed it down. The result is a sort of post-apocalyptic, slow, agonizing song.”


[via Invisible Oranges]