Guitarist Bobby Keller to join New Dilemma on fall tour; announces VIP experience & guitar lesson bundles

Guitarist Bobby Keller will be joining New Dilemma on their upcoming tour supporting Cold this fall. On tour, Keller will be offering a VIP experience and guitar lesson bundle throughout the tour. The pre-show experience will include one-on-one scheduled guitar lessons and demos featuring his ESP Guitars, EMG pickups, and the STL Lasse Lammert Tonality Suite. Keller says:

“I am so excited to be hitting the road this September with my New Dilemma family and getting the opportunity to tour with Cold. Just the thought of getting back out there excites me to no end. It has been way too long! So, with this tour, I wanted to try to give people the opportunity to come hang pre-show and get some personalized guitar lessons unlike anything they may have ever had before, and some amazing goodies to go with! Plus, I wanted to try and showcase my new settings on the Lasse Lammert STL Tonality Suite and how good it f**king sounds. In addition, how easy it is to use and how a tool like this can help spark your guitar ideas and make them a reality!”

On top of the personalized guitar lesson, each bundle will also include a signed Bobby Keller 8×10, VIP guitar pick set, VIP laminate, t-shirt, stickers, and other goodies. The Bobby Keller VIP Experience and Guitar Lesson bundles are limited to 10 spots per date and are only available by purchasing in advance. You can get yours here.