Band: KEN mode
Song: “But They Respect My Tactics”
Director: Tyler Funk
Album: NULL
Release Date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Artoffact Records

Guitarist/vocalist Jesse Matthewson said of the song:

“Do you ever feel like your heroes have become parodies of a former version of themselves? Does it even matter? As long as there is chatter online, and we keep you online making noise, the narrative itself is meaningless. What matters is that we’re collecting your data and advertising to you and, in the broad scope of the human experience, all of this will only be a footnote as well.”


NULL track listing:

  1. “A Love Letter”
  2. “Throw Your Phone in the River”
  3. “The Tie”
  4. “But They Respect My Tactics”
  5. “Not My Fault”
  6. “Lost Grip”
  7. “The Desperate Search for an Enemy”
  8. “Unresponsive”