Official press release:

Newcastle, Australia alt-pop quartet Eat Your Heart OutCaitlin Henry [vocals], Will Moore [guitar], Dom Cant [bass], and Jake Cronin [drums] — have announced their second album Can’t Stay Forever. It arrives on the 9th of September via Fearless Records. Pre-order it here.

Today, the band has shared the video for the new single “Sour”. Watch it here:

“Sour” follows the previously released track “Down”, which landed on the Rock Hard, The Rock List, and All New Rock playlists, among others.

Despite the title, “Sour” operates off a sweet and escalating melody. It’s an upbeat track that tackles a serious subject. Henry offers:

‘Sour’ was written towards the tail end of our time in the studio. We initially had a slightly different instrumental track that we just couldn’t quite get to work with anything vocally. We re-worked the instrumental with our producer Jack, and the vocals flowed really quickly within a day or two after that! The chorus in particular came together in an hour or so. The song is about seeing someone bottle up their negative feelings and dissociating, rather than talking it out, and getting stuck in a cycle.”

About the album, Henry offers:

“Everything always moves into a new phase. It might feel bad at the time. When you look back on change, it’s always for the best. The pandemic showed me that in a way. It changed everything we’d been planning for the band. We just had to work our jobs and be at home. We established more adult routines, which gave us a chance to experience normality. Nothing is permanent. Anything can change at any time. You have to see the positives.”

Can’t Stay Forever track listing:

  1. “Forget Me”
  2. “Down”
  3. “Scissors”
  4. “Twenty”
  5. “Heavenly”
  6. “Hostage”
  7. “Blood”
  8. “Sour”
  9. “Poison”
  10. “Deep End”
  11. “Headfirst”