Band: I Am
Song: “The Primal Wave”
Director: Kevyn Reece
Album: Eternal Steel
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: MNRK Heavy

Speaking of the song, frontman Andrew Hileman offered:

“The topic of ‘fear’ is addressed in ‘The Primal Wave’ but in a way where that fear is used to fuel you to overcome obstacles. If I could describe this song into a few words I’d use ‘furious power’. It’s very unrelenting and in your face the whole time leaving an uneasy feeling. Getting with Kevyn [Reece] to make this video happen brought our vision of filth to life.”


Eternal Steel track listing:

  1. “The Primal Wave”
  2. “Surrender To The Blade”
  3. “The Iron Gate”
  4. “Eternal Steel”
  5. “Vicious Instinct”
  6. “Infernal Panther”
  7. “Queen Incarnate”
  8. “Heaven On Earth”
  9. “Price Of Pain”
  10. “Eye Candy”
  11. “Manic Cure”