Band: Slugcrust
Album: Ecocide
Release Date: September 9th, 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records

Singer Jesse Cole said of the album:

Ecocide, by definition, is the destruction of natural environment resulting from deliberate/negligent human activity, especially ascribed to war crimes yet to be ratified as such by the United Nations. The album is not designed to be qualitatively geopolitical in its entirety, however, and does not take aim at one subject alone. Ecocide uses raw blasts, gut-checking riffs, and unsanctioned aggression to seek out the blatant instances of character flaw in human nature and the effects of our innate depravity, made apparent throughout the Anthropocene.

To us, Ecocide represents our rebirth as artists, gnawing our way to the surface of an unforgiving scorched earth that has been our lives these past few years. We’ll be at Full Terror Assault when this record drops on 9/9/22 (playing FTA 9/10/22 @ 6:05pm CDT), but that will just be the firing of a gun before the race, showcasing that scorched earth foundation we only want to build upon in years to come. We sincerely hope you fuckers enjoy it.”


Ecocide track listing:

  1. “Demise Promise”
  2. “Drag Me to Agony”
  3. “Buzzard Czar”
  4. “No Heirs/Dead Souls”
  5. “Echoless”
  6. “Arachno-Mariticide”
  7. “Petrochemical”
  8. “Scoundrel/Wraith”
  9. “Swamp Mind”
  10. “Juris Domina”
  11. “Ecocide”
  12. “Event Horizon”

[via Decibel]