Melbourne deathcore quintet Gravemind have announced that their sophomore EP The Deathgate will be released on August 11th. The first single, titled “Anaesthesia”, is now streaming and can be heard below. Vocalist Dylan Gillies-Parson said of the effort:

“This EP is about the suffering we endure, simply existing. It is an unburdening of mainstream ideals, of destructive ideologies, the insane framework that we’ve created in order to feel normal.

Regarding the concept, the band offered:

“We wanted to do something really unexpected of a relatively new band, by creating a lot of hype behind a mysterious website, with a simple countdown and quote (‘the deathgate draws near’). We hid clues to it being us in a multitude of ways, there were a total of 3 clues hidden within an audio track on the website, including an audio log, Morse code and a link to one of our tracks hidden within the audio wave. We want our audience to really pay attention to what we’re trying to say. We want them to know that we stress over every tiny detail of our music, so that they can fully invest into it knowing we put meaning behind everything.”

Pre-orders are now live and can be secured at the group’s Bandcamp.

The Deathgate EP track listing:

1. “Eschaton”
2. “The Deathgate”
3. “Echo”
(feat. Aidan Ellaz)
4. “Deadspace”
5. “Anaesthesia”
6. “Human”