Dawn Of Azazel have released the first new track off of their forthcoming full-length The Tides Of Damocles. The lyric video for the song, titled “Vassalplasty”, can be streamed above courtesy of No Clean Singing. The band offered on the album:

“Tides is a diverse album, and we felt ‘Vassalplasty’ is the song with the most immediate impact: Heaviness and aggression mixed with a taste of some of the more psychotropic elements to be found on the rest of the album. The title is a play on the surgical procedure to straighten a fractured and weakened spine. The lyrical theme is retaining a backbone in the face of circumstances that would cause others to conform, submit or crumple.”

The band will be self-releasing the new record on April 28th, pre-orders can be found at the band’s Bandcamp.