New Jersey instrumental quartet NY In 64 – which features former members of You And I and current members of East Of The Wall – have released a new track off their debut NY 64. The new single is titled “A Towering Relic” and can be streamed above courtesy of MetalSucks. The band previously released the sixth track of the release “Maintaining Now, The Contact” via their Bandcamp, you can stream it below. NY 64 is set for release digitally this coming Tuesday, April 7th through Magic Bullet Records, a vinyl edition will follow.

NY 64 track listing:

1. “Soon, You Will Lose Me”
2. “Bystander”
3. “A Towering Relic”
4. “Washington Square”
5. “The World’s Fair”
6. “Maintaining Now, The Contact”
7. “Stan & Steve”