Crossing Rubicon push album release date back

Originally scheduled for release on July 19th, Crossing Rubicon’s new album, Seeing Red, has been pushed back to August 9th. It will be out through Imminence Records. Pre-orders are now live through the band’s webstore, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Frontman Scotty Anarchy said of the upcoming record:

Crossing Rubicon is a band where each member writes songs using different influences which leads to the amalgamation of different styles on Seeing Red. This album was inspired by classic records that give the listener something new with each track, that take the listener on a ride…not just front-loaded singles followed by filler like so many modern albums. Seeing Red is not for the ‘Single-of-the-Week’ metal fan, this is a record for fans of heavy metal.”

A music video for the title track was released earlier this summer. You can see it here.

Seeing Red track listing:

  1. “We Will Rise”
  2. “I Will Remain”
  3. “Army Of One”
  4. “We Own The Night”
  5. “On Wax Wings”
  6. “Culture Of Silence”
  7. “Seeing Red”
  8. “Coldest Of Wars”
  9. “Active Agression”
  10. “Embrace The Pain”
  11. “Viva La Revolucion”
  12. “225”