Band: Caliban
Song: “Alien”
Director: Mirko Witzki
Album: Dystopia
Release Date: April 22nd, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

The group said of the song:

“This track goes out to everyone. Because everyone is special. Sometimes we’re getting lost on our way and feel like strangers, but also feel home everywhere we are. We shouldn’t be afraid to explore the unknown,”


Dystopia track listing:

  1. “Dystopia” feat. Christoph Wieczorek
  2. “Ascent of the Blessed”
  3. “VirUS” feat. Marcus Bischoff
  4. “Phantom Pain”
  5. “Alien”
  6. “sWords”
  7. “Darkness I Became”
  8. “Dragon” feat. Jonny Davy
  9. “Hibernate”
  10. “mOther”
  11. “The World Breaks Everyone”
  12. “D I V I D E D”