Suicide Silence announces The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition)

Official press release:

Suicide Silence announce the re-release of their classic debut album, The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition), out June 24th. The re-release includes liner notes by the band and extensive bonus material and is available to pre-order, HERE.

Suicide Silence have come full circle and returned to their original label home, Century Media Records. With nearly two decades of non-stop touring around the globe, hundreds of thousands of records sold and cementing themselves as a lynchpin band in modern extreme metal, the Riverside, California quintet has rejoined the label that released the highly acclaimed albums: The Cleansing (2007), No Time To Bleed (2009) and The Black Crown (2011).

The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) is available in the following formats:

  • Ltd. 2CD Digipak
  • Gatefold black 2LP & Poster
  • 800x Gatefold transp. orange-black marbled 2LP & Poster available only at CM Distro and US outlets
  • 300x Gatefold yellow-transp. blue marbled 2LP & Poster, available only at EMP
  • 300x Gatefold golden-black marbled 2LP & Poster, available only at Kings Road Merch (Europe and USA)
  • Digital album (2CD)

The Cleansing (Ultimate Edition) track listing:

  1. “Revelations (Intro)”
  2. “Unanswered”
  3. “Hands Of A Killer”
  4. “The Price Of Beauty”
  5. “The Fallen”
  6. “No Pity For A Coward”
  7. “The Disease”
  8. “Bludgeoned To Death”
  9. “Girl Of Glass”
  10. “In A Photograph”
  11. “Eyes Sewn Shut”
  12. “Green Monster”
  13. “Destruction Of A Statue”
  14. “A Dead Current”
  15. “Swarm”
  16. “Engine No. 9”
  17. “Unanswered” (Live In Paris)
  18. “Bludgeoned To Death” (Live In Paris)
  19. “The Price Of Beauty” (Live In Paris)
  20. “Swarm” (Live In Paris)
  21. “No Pity For A Coward” (Live In Paris)
  22. “Green Monster” (Live In Paris)
  23. “The Fallen” (Live In Paris)
  24. “Destruction Of A Statue” (Live In Paris)
  25. “Hands of a Killer” (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  26. “In a Photograph” (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  27. “The Fallen” (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)
  28. “Untitled” (Instrumental Rehearsal Tapes)