Los Angeles, CA by way of Richmond, VA pop punks Broadside have premiered the music video for their new song “Hidden Colors”, take it in below. Vocalist Ollie Baxxter said of it:

“We wanted to represent the women in our life with the utmost respect and how grateful we are for them. We live in a very romantic time, but not enough people are focusing on where the romance actually comes from, the pure undying desire for love. ‘Hidden Colors’ is about young lovers in the night. It’s about telling that person just what you appreciate about them. You can NEVER tell someone enough how much they actually mean to you.”

The band’s new full-length Paradise is slated to hit stores on June 16th through Victory Records. The group worked with producer Kyle Black (New Found Glory, All Time Low). Pre-orders are available now at VictoryMerch.com, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. The group are currently on the road with Real Friends, Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts, and Nothing, Nowhere on this North American tour.

Paradise track listing:

1. “Hidden Colors”
2. “Paradise”
3. “Lose Your Way”
4. “Disconnect”
5. “Laps Around A Picture Frame”
6. “Who Cares?”
7. “Tunnel Vision”
8. “SUmmer Stained”
9. “Miss Imperius”
10. “Puzzle Pieces”
11. “I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting”