GOLD’s new effort, Optimist, to see U.S. release via Ván Records; full stream available

Dutch dark ethereal rock outfit GOLD released the follow-up to 2015’s phenomenal No Image, titled Optimist, this past February on Ván Records. However, this was only in Europe, the U.S. has not been privileged with the record’s release just yet. The label will be issuing the effort stateside on June 2nd through their newly-secured U.S. distribution. Optimist is available for pre-order now on CD and digital formats at this location. The group commented:

“Our activism and socio-criticism is strongly rooted in self-reflection and improving our selves. We do not only intend to break down walls and bridge gaps between scenes and genres, but also – more importantly – between people. And if it’s necessary to call out those who want to stand between us, we artistically will. It’s no coincidence that the last shot of the last video we took from No Image shows an awkwardly confident Donald Trump.”

I haven’t fully sunken my teeth into the record but what I’ve heard already has held up to my expectations after No Image. I was wondering when they’d release another record and this was a delight to find in my inbox. Check it out in its entirety below along with the music videos for the tracks “White Noise” and “Teenage Lust”. Now all that I’m missing is a North American tour so I can catch them live and photograph them for the site.

GOLD is:

Milena Eva – vocals
Thomas Sciarone – guitar
Kamiel Top – guitar
Jaka Bolic – guitar
Tim Meijer – bass
Igor Wouters – drums