Symphonic rockers Worhol have released a teaser video of their upcoming record The Awakening. Vocalist Ashely Worhol

“This album is a chance for us as musicians to open up our hearts and souls to those who listen. We strive for a never ending mission to bring hope and truth back into this world. Through our music we will awaken people to a new era of music. An era that will lead them to their sanctuary.”

Imminence Records will be releasing the effort on July 14th. The track listing and cover art of the album can be found below following the video. Pre-orders can be picked up now at this link.

The Awakening track listing:

1. “Voices From Above”
2. “Bowing Before You”
3. “Time To Say Goodbye”
4. “Already Forgotten”
5. “Rage And Revenge”
6. “In This Town”
7. “We, The Abused”
8. “Jurisdiction”
9. “Is This What’s Left Of Me”
10. “The Darkness”

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