Stone Sour premiere Hydrograd album stream

Stone Sour have debuted a full-album stream of their latest outing Hydrograd, which hit stores today through Roadrunner Records. Copies are available for purchase now at this link.

Hydrograd track listing:

1. “YSIF”
2. “Taipei Person/Allah Tea”
3. “Knievel Has Landed”
4. “Hydrograd”
5. “Song #3”
6. “Fabuless”
7. “The Witness Trees”
8. “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)”
9. “Thank God It’s Over”
10. “St. Marie”
11. “Mercy”
12. “Whiplash Pants”
13. “Friday Knights”
14. “Somebody Stole My Eyes”
15. “When The Fever Broke”