Belarusian funeral doom outfit Woe Unto Me has signed an international record deal with M-Theory Audio. On the signing, guitarist Artyom Serdyuk states:

“We’re so excited about the beginning of our collaboration with M-Theory Audio! It’s a real honor to work with Marco Barbieri and his team. This is a next step for Woe Unto Me and we are sure that with the new release and efforts from such experienced people in the music industry we will be able to expand our limits and conquer new heights. We feel rapturous to join the family!”

M-Theory Audio head Marco Barbieri offered:

“It’s on rare occasion one of your artists recommends another, and by another I mean a band halfway across the world and with a different style of metal to their own, but that’s exactly how I came to know of Woe Unto Me. When Voices of Ruin singer Dave Barrett told me I should check out this band I was immediately intrigued by their name, logo and their locale but what’s ultimately most important and convincing was the epic proportions of their grief-stricken heaviness enhanced by an infectious aura of somber melodies. I listened and listened, which some would say is not easy when you’re submitting 12-minute songs for consideration, but I loved it. It brought me back to the ‘90s and the first times I heard and worshipped bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema, and Katatonia, but while that influence is present what’s presented is fresh and their own.”

Woe Unto Me have also released their first new music via the label with single “Deep Beneath the Burden”. Watch the video below and download/stream the track here.

Singer Igor Kovalyov said of the song:

“The idea for the lyrics in the song ‘Deep Beneath The Burden’ is inspired by Erich Fromm’s investigations in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness. As you will learn the whole concept of the album is strongly associated with the idea of transformation. This song is not an exception. Here we are talking about doubt or hesitation and how this disturbing feeling morphs into obsession and action. The whole video clip is divided into four scenes. The first one is about the state of uncertainty, where the doubt is discovered. The idea is mostly inspired by the first lines of Dante’s journey to hell from his outstanding Divine Comedy. The next two scenes are about an acceptance of doubt and its transformation into an idea of destruction. The last one is a tragedy of a human obsession. The main character brings his doubt into real life and transforms the idea into action.”

Of their forthcoming album, Artyom states:

“Musically the new record is the continuation of our movement into more progressive realms of doom metal. This is not a typical funeral doom or death-doom, but it contains the elements of all kinds of doom metal sub-genres. I think this album is going to be the most atmospheric, eclectic and mature in our discography so far. It’s quite complex musically and lyrically but at the same time I think it will be easier in terms of perception and more interesting even for the listeners that are not the fans of a classical doom metal. In terms of lyrics on this album we decided to move away from the typical plots for this kind of music and refused to just describe depressive or destructive conditions of a human being. We focused on the investigation of the nature of these feelings and tried to analyze them from the philosophical point of view.”

Additional information on Woe Unto Me’s upcoming album will be announced in the coming weeks.

Woe Unto Me is:

Igor Kovalyov – vocals/samples/keys
Artyom Serdyuk– guitars/vocals
Dzmitry Shchyhlinski – rhythm guitar
Ivan Skrundevskiy – bass
Olga Apisheva – keys
Pavel Shmyga – drums