Witchcryer drop new single “Hellmouth”

Band: Witchcryer
Song: “Hellmouth”
Album: When Their Gods Come For You
Release Date: August 20th, 2021
Label: Ripple Music

Vocalist Suzy Bravo explains the track:

‘Hellmouth’ is an apocalyptic tale of an enormous Leviathan fish whose gaping jaws act as an entrance to hell. At the crack of doom, Hellmouth surfaces from the depths of the ocean to seek and devour doomed souls by swallowing them whole and taking them to the depths of hell. Historically, the story originates from 12th-century Anglo-Saxon art that was retold and spread throughout Europe throughout the ages. Our modern-day rendition of Hellmouth is retold in collaboration with Austin-based Golden Monkey Tattoo artist, John Michael Bowley. This single release features colorful detailed artwork created through the use of a technique called “spit shading”, a technique that uses the replacement of water through the artist’s spit to control the amount of pigment that is blended outwards to make colors lighter than the original pigment.”


[via Doomed and Stoned]