Band: Windrunner
Song: “Orchid”
Album: MAI
Release Date: November 30th, 2018
Label: Famined Records

Frontwoman Duong commented:

“The title itself, as well as all songs’ names of the album MAI, was derived from our country’s traditional set of four pictures – called ‘tranh Tứ bình’ – that include four sets of flowers, in which each represents the four seasons and certain qualities that one should have. In this specific one, it represents one’s ability to overcome hardship in life. There are usually multiple combinations of flowers in these sets, however, one of the most popular ones contains apricot blossom, which is ‘Mai’ in Vietnamese, orchid, marigold, and ivory bamboo.

The track is about finding ourselves lost in this world and feeling small, trying to make sense of everything while being uncertain of what’s out there. Through ‘Orchid’, we want to deliver a message that it’s normal to feel like there’s no one else, but it’s important to just keep the faith in your heart and move on, as there will be people to accompany you on the way. There are others who feel lonely, as you might, but you need to remember that you are not alone”


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