BABYMETAL issue video for new track “Starlight”; reveal departure of Yuimetal

BABYMETAL have debuted the music video for a brand new song titled “Starlight”. Listen below and purchase the track here. The group’s previous single, “Distortion”, will be released on 12″ vinyl on November 23rd as part of this year’s Record Store Day.

In other news, the group have revealed the departure of singer Yui Mizuno, known as Yuimetal. The news comes after her extended absence from the group as a result of undisclosed health issues. She issued a statement regarding the decision. You can read the translation below:

“I have been absent for a while and I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused to many people.

Although I thought over and over, I decided to leave BABYMETAL this time.

I am sorry to cause inconveniences to those who support the members and BABYMETAL at this decision. And, for all the fans who are supporting BABYMETAL, I’m really sorry I made you sad.

There was also a strong desire to stand on the stage once again but there is also a feeling that I am still not in my best condition now and my desire to advance towards my dream as a Yukari Mizuno dream from the past, this time this time I made a decision.

As BABYMETAL, I am thankful for having a lot of valuable experience.

It was days I feel blessed. It was a live, fun and happy time that everyone laughed and became one.

I will also strive hard to see you again someday as Mizuno Yuji.

Thank you very much for 8 years.”

The band themselves also released a statement, saying:

“Thank you for continually supporting BABYMETAL. We would like to inform you of BABYMETAL’s new beginning which will be effective starting this month’s BABYMETAL World Tour 2018 in JAPAN performances.

Yuimetal had expressed her desire to return performing with the group in the following months after last December’s performance due health concerns. During her absence, both Su-Metal and Moametal as well as the entire staff team had been preparing for her awaited return.

However, Yuimetal came to a decision that she will not be performing at BABYMETAL World Tour 2018 in Japan and that she will no longer be a part of BABYMETAL. We thank her for all of her contributions and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

This month’s BABYMETAL World Tour 2018 in JAPAN will mark the rebirth in which Su-Metal and Moametal form the core of BABYMETAL.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans for the continued support and look forward in what’s next for BABYMETAL.”