Whitechapel have unleashed a full-album stream of their latest offering Mark Of The Blade. The record is scheduled to drop next Friday, June 24th through Metal Blade Records. Pre-orders are still available and can be picked up at this location.

The album marks a first for the band as it features clean vocals on the fourth track “Bring Me Home”. I know many times metal bands say they’re going to go that route there is some major backlash but you gotta give things a chance. Just like it worked for Lamb Of God with “Overlord” it works for the Tennessee death metallers. I really enjoyed the song and just thought I’d give it a shout-out since it’s been something of a hot topic concerning this album. Regarding the album as a whole, dig it. It’s got some heavy/fast tracks that are sure to induce some major pits, along with groovier songs to just jam to. You should definitely dig into that stream below.

Mark Of The Blade track listing:

1. “The Void”
2. “Mark of the Blade”
3. “Elitist Ones”
4. “Bring Me Home”
5. “Tremors”
6. “A Killing Industry”
7. “Tormented”
8. “Brotherhood”
9. “Dwell in the Shadows”
10. “Venomous”
11. “Decennium”

Whitechapel 9

[via Vans Warped Tour]

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