Aborym 1

Official press release:

Legendary industrial/electro metallers Aborym have revealed the first details surrounding their new album Shifting.negative. The opus, which is currently being recorded in three different studios, is helmed by band founder & mastermind Fabban with additional production by New York’s multi-grammy winner Marc Urselli (John Zorn, Lou Reed, Mike Patton, Tomahawk) at EastSide Sounds Studios.

Amongst those invloved in the production of the album are also the band’s sound engineer Emiliano Natali (Fear No One Studios, already on “Psychogrotesque” and “Dirty”), Luciano Lamanna (Subsound Studios) and Teo Pizzolante (Braingasm Lab).

Excluding Fabban, Shifting.negative will introduce an entirely new line-up of the Italian based combo. Multi-instrumentalist Dan V has became a new permanent member and has already recorded guitars and bass on the upcoming album. The line-up is further shaped by longtime Aborym associate & bassist RG Narchost, guitarist Davide Tiso (Gospel of the Witches, ex-Ephel Duath, Niō) and synth-player/keyboardist Stefano Angiulli.

The Shifting.negative tracklist in no particular running order is as follows:

“Decadence In A Nutshell”
“Big H”
“Slipping Through The Cracks”
“10050 Cielo Drive”
“For A Better Past”
“Tragedies For Sale”
“Going New Places”
“You Can’t Handle The Truth”

Shifting.negative is set to be released on Agonia Records at a date yet to be determined. More news will follow soon.