Warbringer have revealed who will be replacing recently departed guitarist John Laux and drummer Carlos Cruz via an announcement on the band’s Facebook by frontman John Kevill. Read his statement below:

“Status report- new lineup almost complete. Of previous members, it is myself (Kevill) and original guitarist Adam Carroll remaining. We have two new guys, Noah Young on guitar and Vicken Hovsepian on drums, these dudes kill on their instruments and in the month or so we’ve all been jamming we have about 12 songs getting pretty fucking tight. They are both longtime metalheads and have been into Warbringer for many years, and know well the spirit of the band. Awesome to work with such motivated and talented people.

Unfortunately Ben Mottsman (Bass) is not going to be joining us again, best wishes to him in his new project, farewell to a rocking dude.

We have some bass tryouts coming up and we’ll see how that goes. Yeah, I know, we’ve hit basically every conceivable obstacle out there and this is taking forever. But we aren’t gonna play a damned note to you guys until the band is sounding tighter than ever, we aren’t gonna do some half-assed comeback, when you see us again it’s gonna be sharp as a goddamned razor.
Signing off