Band: Void Of Vision
Song: “Ghost In The Machine”
Album: Disturbia EP
Release Date: November 10th, 2017
Label: UNFD

Frontman Jack Bergin:

“Over the past year, I haven’t really been in a place which I could call ‘home’. I’d found myself lost numerous times and had to revisit a lot of dark places I never wanted to reflect back upon to do so. The term Disturbia is coined as the dark side of a neighbourhood, a place I became all too familiar with.

There is no particular theme for the EP, this was really for an experience I wanted myself to have, seeking the hopeful relief of facing my own demons. In the most unselfish way possible, I wrote this EP for myself, because I needed to.”


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  • Disturbia EP track listing:

    1. “Spite”
    2. “Ghost In The Machine”
    3. “You Will Bring Me Down”
    4. “Grey Area”