Official press release:

Baltimore indie post-hardcore band Pianos Become The Teeth announce their new album Wait For Love, to be released on February 16, 2018 on Epitaph Records. Pre-orders are available at

Pianos Become The Teeth have also shared a new video for the first song off the album entitled “Charisma”, a track with fuzzed out bass and melodies that hang in the air long after the moment has passed.

As the fourth full-length from Pianos Become The Teeth (vocalist Kyle Durfey, guitarists Mike York and Chad McDonald, bassist Zac Sewell, and drummer David Haik), Wait For Love follows 2014’s acclaimed Keep You.

Produced and engineered by Will Yip, Wait For Love shows the band reconciling their aggressive past with the atmospheric turns of Keep You. The album eschews stylistic traps in order to focus on songwriting and feels like a full-realization of what the band have hinted at in the past.

Wait For Love track listing:

1. “Fake Lighting”
2. “Charisma”
3. “Bitter Red”
4. “Dry Spells”
5. “Bay Of Dreams”
6. “Forever Sound”
7. “Bloody Sweet”
8. “Manilla”
9. “Love On Repeat”
10. “Blue”