Band: A Wake In Providence
Song: “We Are Eternity”
Album: Eternity
Release Date: October 21st, 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records

The group said of the track:

“We are so excited to bring you, ‘We Are Eternity’! This song really brings more of this story to the table and gives you great insight into who The Trinity is and what role they play in this narrative. Thank you to everyone involved with creating this and to you all for checking it out!”


Eternity track listing:

  1. “An Odyssey Through The River (Overture)”
  2. “The Horror ov The Old Gods”
  3. “We Are Eternity”
  4. “Siamo Legati Dal Terrore”
  5. “The Hunt ov The Wraith (First Movement)”
  6. “The Book ov The Eldritch (Second Movement)”
  7. “The Court ov The Trinity (Final Movement)”
  8. “Weep into The Abyss, For it Hears You Not…”
  9. “Vicious Attenuation”