Band: Graveshadow
Song: “The Betrayer”
Director: Karl Whinnery
Album: The Uncertain Hour
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: M-Theory Audio

Guitarist/keyboardist Aaron Robitsch explains:

‘The Betrayer’ was written with the intention of continuing the more power metal direction that was introduced with the release of [the first single] ‘Gwynnbleidd’. Will also wanted to make more use of guitar harmonies, and I think this song showcases that well. It also continues a theme we have become known for — lyrics about World of Warcraft.”

Guitarist William Lloyd Walker adds:

“This song became an early favorite of mine during the recording process. Aaron worked out the idea to have a video shot while we were on tour and the fantastic Karl Whinnery from Vintersea helped us out by shooting it. Really happy with how it came out and a huge thanks to Karl for helping us put this together.”



10/14 – Sacramento, CA – Cafe Colonial
10/15 – San Francisco, CA – Hotel Utah Saloon

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