Valient Thorr detail new album Old Salt

Valient Thorr 2

Valient Thorr have detailed their upcoming full-length Old Salt, which arrives July 29th through Napalm Records. Valient Himself comments:

Old Salt wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Eidan Thorr. He helmed this beast & put the wheels in motion. What is it about? If you ask me it’s about stepping into the future as an artist while trying to anticipate what comes next using that old man logic that comes with age- that no one ever tells you about until it’s time to say “if I’d known then what I know now”. All the best old storytellers aren’t just weaving you yarns. They are recounting from experiences. And believe me, we’ve had plenty of those in the last few years.”

Pre-orders for Old Salt are now live and can be picked up through the label.

Old Salt track listing:

1. “Mirakuru”
2. “Lil Knife”
3. “Cut And Run”
4. “No Count Blues”
5. “The Trudge”
6. “Worm Up”
7. “Spellbroke”
8. “Linen Maker”
9. “The Shroud”
10. “Looking Glass”
11. “Jealous Gods”

Valient Thorr 1