Tovarish debut “The Year Without Summer” music video; stream new album If The War Comes Tomorrow

Band: Tovarish
Song: “The Year Without Summer” (feat. Jamie Myers)
Album: If The War Comes Tomorrow
Release Date: July 5th, 2019
Label: Argonauta Records

The band comments:

“As we incorporated more melodic elements into this new album, we knew we wanted to work with a guest vocalist who could write and perform melodic vocals based on our otherwise unconventionally structured songs. Jamie Myers turned out to be a perfect fit for us. She was able to take our instrumental mixes and write powerful vocal lines with great attention to nuances in the sound design. Aside from her incredible delivery, you’ll hear how her arrangement of lyrics and layers of backing vocals mirror and accentuate the ways other elements of the mix play out through space and time.”

Of the album, the band declares:

“As many in the US prepare for another uncritical celebration of American exceptionalism, we are proud to offer dissent. This album is the culmination of increasing frustration, anger, and fear concerning where society currently stands.”


[via Decibel]