Photo by: Danielle Dombrowski

Band: All Out War
Song: “Gehenna Lights Eternal”
Album: Crawl Among The Filth
Release Date: July 26th, 2019
Label: Unbeaten Records

Singer Mike Score commented:

“When we spend so much energy in a desperate search for comfort we sometimes get mesmerized by the light and fail to see the darkness that lies behind the shine.”


Crawl Among The Filth track listing:

  1. “Divine Isolation”
  2. “Judas Always Crawls”
  3. “What Was Becomes Undone”
  4. “Contempt Be Thy Faith”
  5. “Drink The Plague”
  6. “Suffocate And Subjugate”
  7. “Gehenna Lights Eternal”
  8. “Septic Infestation”
  9. “Hanging On The Wire”
  10. “Despised Regime”

[via Decibel]