In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, guitarist Adam Jones discussed some legal issues that the band has been dealing with as well as some new information concerning the new record.

Creating mind-bending music using odd time signatures and polyrhythms is just another day for the band; the new record will be no different. Jones had this to say about the music that will appear on the currently untitled record:

“We’re always on an experimental path. We never think about what worked on the last record or what’s good on the radio right now. It’s a selfish process, we just go in there with some riffs. We experiment and the riffs start to take a different path and over time, this riff from last week might go really well with this riff from two years ago. We piece stuff together, almost like a film soundtrack, you know? But I’ll tell you this – there’s a lot of stuff in 7/4. Breaking up 7 can sound like an even number to the listener even though it’s an odd number, that’s really exciting. Rosetta Stoned had some elements of that where we had a middle break and the end rhythm of 7 against 5. It kinda opens up a whole can of worms! There’s some really light stuff going on but there’s also a lot of heavy stuff in there too.”

It’s been a little over 8 years since the prog rockers released their album 10,000 Days and Tool fans have been anxiously waiting for new music from the quartet. About a month ago the guitarist shared a new riff on his Facebook page which he stated would be a new live part added to the song “Hooker With a Penis”. It’s a gnarly new section that could be giving us a glimpse of what is to come. Click on “Post” below to check it out on Facebook.