THIEF detail new album, The 16 Deaths of My Master; stream first single “Apple Eaters”

Official press release:

THIEF have unveiled a deadly video for the track ‘Apple Eaters’ as the first single taken from their forthcoming album The 16 Deaths of My Master, which is slated for release on August 27, 2021. The Californian experimental electronic project of multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal is also revealing cover art, tracklist, and further details of the new full-length. Please view all album details below.

THIEF comment:

“The title ‘Apple Eaters’ is taken from a line in J.D. Salinger’s short story Teddy and the song is a vision of the world through the extreme lens of a lonely spiritual misanthrope in a deceptively shifting time signature.

The hitwoman in the video is searching for someone or something, but her view of the world is colored by the lens that she is using. The strange horrors that she encounters end up being too much for her to bear. Why did she see those things? What did they mean to her? What does she use to clean her gun?”

Pre-orders of The 16 Deaths of My Master are now available at this location.

The 16 Deaths of My Master track listing:

  1. “Underking”
  2. “Bootleg Blood”
  3. “Teenage Satanist”
  4. “Scorpion Mother”
  5. “Fire in the Land of Endless Rain”
  6. “Gorelord”
  7. “Apple Eaters”
  8. “Night Spikes”
  9. “Victim Stage Left”
  10. “Wing Clipper”
  11. “Grave Dirt”
  12. “Lover Boy”
  13. “Crestfaller”
  14. “Life Clipper”
  15. “Cannibalism”
  16. “Seance for Eight Oscillators”