Solence share new track “Indestructible”

Band: Solence
Song: “Indestrucible”
Album: Deafening
Release Date: TBA
Label: ONErpm

Frontman Markus Videsäter comments:

‘Indestructible’ is Solence in its absolute truest form. This song embodies everything we’ve felt over the last few years. When we’ve had setbacks or hardships, we’ve always felt ‘I won’t let this break me, I’m Indestructible’. Maybe it was the power of having each other, maybe we just wanted this so much, but now we wanna give the same hope and encouragement to everyone that may be feeling what we’ve felt. Whether it’s your career, personal life, family, you can always get through it. You’re tougher than you think, you’re Indestructible.”