The Social Go(es) Down In History: Four Year Strong, Comeback Kid, Expire, Handguns, & Heart To Heart photo gallery

Four Year Strong wrapped up their tour with Comeback Kid, Expire, Handguns, and Heart To Heart yesterday with a show in their home state of Massachusetts. If you were fortunate enough that this tour stopped in your town and you attended then you know just how crazy it was. I was lucky enough to check this show out at it’s stop in Orlando, FL and I was absolutely floored. A pop-punk/hardcore tour that featured incredible talent all around and a crowd so rowdy that by the end of the night the stage was taken over by fans that during the headliner’s final song of the night (see for yourself below).

Moderately filled when openers Heart To Heart hit the stage, fans continued to trickle in through Handguns and Expire’s sets. By the time Comeback Kid went on to deliver a beating to the audience there was little wiggle room left for anyone that decided to miss out on the openers. The venue – which was easily the size of a modest studio apartment – erupted when headliners Four Year Strong took the stage; and it never let up. Despite the usual signs you see at venues stating, “No moshing, No crowd-surfing, no stage diving,” all of the above went on without a care in the world. These were die-hard fans, swept up in a flurry of emotion driven by Four Year Strong’s catchy pop-punk hooks and hardcore energy.

Definitely a night to remember, every band brought their A-game and everyone at The Social – bands and fans alike – was in a “last day alive” mindset. Here are the shots I was fortunate enough to capture that night, enjoy! [All photos by Josh Doe Visuals]

Heart To Heart



Comeback Kid

Four Year Strong