A new Melvins track titled “Christ Hammer” is now available to stream online, take it in below courtesy of Loudwire. The song is taken from the Death half of their upcoming double-album A Walk With Love And Death. The record(s) is scheduled to drop on July 7th via Ipecac Recordings. Pre-orders are available now on physical and digital formats here.

A Walk With Love And Death track listing:


1. “Aim High”
2. “Queen Powder Party”
3. “Street Level St. Paul”
4. “The Hidden Joice”
5. “Give It To Me”
6. “Chicken Butt”
7. “Eat Yourself Out”
8. “Scooba”
9. “Halfway to the Bakersfield Mall”
10. “Pacoima Normal”
11. “Park Head”
12. “T-Burg”
13. “Track Star”
14. “The Asshole Bastard”


1. “Black Heath”
2. “Sober-delic (acid only)”
3. “Euthanasia”
4. “What’s Wrong With You”
5. “Edgar the Elephant”
6. “Christ Hammer”
7. “Flaming Creature”
8. “Cactus Party”
9. “Cardboro Negro”