The Devil Wears Prada releases video for new single “Time”

Band: The Devil Wears Prada
Song: “Time”
Director: Christopher Commons & Kate McFerren
Album: Color Decay
Release Date: September 16th, 2022
Label: Solid State Records

The band said of the song’s meaning:

“Not to be too obvious, but this song is about how we are all victims to the passing of time. It can feel so fast or too slow, but it is never on our side. That sentiment mixed with one of the heaviest riffs on the record and an industrial, almost-EDM format make it a standout.”

Of the video, the group said:

“Our goal for ‘Time’ was to create an entirely new visual for the band. Something that would fit the combination of aggressive riffs and the pulsing vibes in the song. Working with Chris and Kate again, their use of a dance troupe with amazing choreography really helps emphasize the chaotic feelings of speeding up and slowing down that the lyrics spell.”

The Devil Wears Prada also share on the connection between “Time” and their tour:

‘Time’ is the perfect song to drop right at the start of our Zombie Tour — connecting the aggressive chaos of both EPs with the haunting melody running throughout Color Decay. As a band, we have never felt stronger about where we’ve come from and where we are going!”