Band: Aronious
Song: “Nincubura”
Album: Irkalla
Release Date: August 12th, 2022
Label: The Artisan Era

The band state of the single:

‘Nincubura’ recounts the part of this tale in which Inanna’s faithful companion embarks on her own voyage to plead with several gods for their aid in retrieving Inanna from the underworld, hence saving her from her infernal fate. Just as Nincubura’s quest itself, this song weaves through a labyrinth of dizzying, uncompromising passages that will leave you feeling utterly annihilated. Enjoy!”


Irkalla track listing:

  1. “Ananaki”
  2. “Descent of Inanna”
  3. “Nincubura”
  4. “Ereshkigal”
  5. “Enkidu”
  6. “Elu Ultu Irkalla”
  7. “Negeltu”
  8. “Warkanum”

[via Metal Insider]