Massachusetts pop-punks Ten Cents Short have dropped the lyric video for their single “Beggars”. Drummer Jonathan Costa said of the track:

“The first half of the song basically portrays a confident and sarcastic mindset of convincing yourself that you don’t need someone and life will be fine without them. But as as the song progresses, you start to realize more and more that you really miss that person and you’re having trouble moving on without them. The process of getting on with your life isn’t as easy as you expected.”

The song was produced and co-written by Alan Day of Four Year Strong. Costa said of the collaboration:

“The band and I were there passing out demo CDs and flyers with our info on them throughout the day. We decided to go to the Four Year Strong meet and greet and gave Alan our CD and just asked if they could take the time to listen to it and that we’d really appreciate it. We took a picture and went on with our day. A couple months went by, and Alan ended up leaving us a message in our Facebook inbox asking if we’d be interested in recording with him up in Western MA. The rest is history. Four Year Strong has inspired a lot of the songs we’ve written in the past so this was a huge opportunity for us to get to work one on one with him and his engineer Mike Harmon.”

The clip was created by Zack Williams of ZW Multimedia. The song is set to appear on the group’s sophomore EP Major Steps, Minor Setbacks, due out later this summer.