TAUK share “Moon Dub” music video

Band: TAUK
Song: “Moon Dub”
Director: Dani Barbieri
Album: “Moon Dub” – single
Release Date: July 2, 2021
Label: Self-released

Guitarist Matt Jalbert comments:

“We started throwing ideas around and Charlie came up with the concept of having the band play on the moon. The floating, spacey nature of the song coupled with Dani’s excellent creative input and execution brought us to Volvox Labs where we were able to make it feel like we are playing on the moon and do the shoot on their high-tech screens and come away with an amazing looking video. It was then that we actually landed on the song title. It was damn hot in those space suits, but worth it in the end.”

The video’s director Dani Barbieri added on her creative input:

“As a director, it’s rare to visualize a music video so vividly upon being pitched an idea. I could see the whole video in my head almost instantaneously. This was the most ambitious production I’ve ever taken on—between integrating cutting edge LED screen technology, Super 8mm film and stop motion animation, there were A LOT of moving parts.”

Barbieri play a major role on the video, helping with production, costume design and set design, alongside directorial duties. On this aspect, she shares: 

“I built a practical moon surface and moon rocks with my bare hands! Needless to say, this video was a labor of love and I’m so grateful and proud of my team for the artistry they poured into every detail.”