Lotus Thrones shares new song “Liberate” feat. Bruce Lamont

Band: Lotus Thrones
Song: Liberate feat. Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Brain Tentacles, Corrections House)
Album: Lovers in Wartime
Release Date: July 30th, 2021
Label: Disorder Recordings

Bandleader Heath Rave (ex-Wolvhammer) said of “Liberate”:

“What does depression sound like? It’s different for everyone. Sometimes it’s quiet and even comforting. A dark, weighted blanket. Other times it’s an inglorious din boiling in your synapsis, completely overshadowing everything around you. I wanted to create an instrumental piece to simulate what it’s like to be drowning in your own head, longing for what it would like to be able to ‘save yourself.’ I had spoken with Bruce before I even began composing it, I could hear him in my head for this idea and I wrote it for his performance to be the centerpiece, more of him channeling my emotions out of the backing music. I have cherished my friendship with him for years and I’m so grateful for the privilege of his presence on this. There was also no one else other than David Brenner to capture these feelings visually and eject them out into the world. This song felt truly finished after David completed the video for it. This is one of the greatest collaborations I’ve lucky to have been a part of.”

Bruce Lamont, who contributes saxophone to “Liberate”, offered:

“When Heath asked me to collaborate, I knew it wouldn’t be disappointing. Dark and ambient to start, building into a chaotic frenzy. As we say here in Chicago, ‘real nice.’”


[via Decibel]